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Insured events for mother and child in a maternity insurance plan

Planning to give birth in Singapore? Unsure about the costs and events covered under maternity insurance plans? Look no further than this article by Pacific Prime Singapore as we seek to enrich your understanding on the matter, and provide you with some added assurance for a beautiful and happy maternity experience. We will provide an overview of maternity insurance, including some of the events covered and other aspects you need to be aware of, such as waiting periods.

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What is maternity insurance?

To simplify, maternity insurance is a type of health insurance plan, which is designed to protect you from the costs associated with receiving maternity medical treatment – including giving birth. Usually, maternity benefits are provided as an add-on or additional rider with an existing health insurance policy, but there are standalone plan options available.

If you are employed in Singapore or work for an international company, then there’s the likelihood that you are already covered by a group health insurance plan. If so, check with your HR manager and review the employee benefits section that offers maternity cover.

However, bear in mind that certain plans may not be comprehensive enough to cover the entire cost or have adequate coverage for the duration of your pregnancy. In this case, we would encourage you to secure a comprehensive maternity insurance package.

If you are unsure about whether an existing health insurance policy provides cover, we recommend that you contact your insurer for further information. On the other hand, if you are without a health insurance policy and would like impartial advice that comes with a fair and open comparison, then an insurance broker like Pacific Prime Singapore can help. Here is our plan page to compare quotes.

What to look out for in a maternity insurance policy?

If your thoughts on securing maternity insurance are clear, then be sure to also look out for the following in a maternity insurance policy:

  • Coverage

It is imperative that you understand what your policy covers (what the policy may cover will be explored under ‘Insured events for the mother and child’). Always double-check with your insurance advisor and be sure to comprehend different scenarios.

  • Clauses

As with all insurance policies, as the policyholder, you are expected to comprehend fully the terms and conditions of the policy. Make sure to compare and analyze all the features when you contact an advisor, but also review features, benefits, and clauses before putting pen to paper and agreeing on a plan.

  • Waiting period

Waiting periods are one of the most misunderstood aspects of maternity insurance and often catch people off guard, so carefully comprehend this to not fall into the same group. A waiting period means you have to wait a minimum of 10 to 24 months before you can make a claim for any expense or service made. So to ease your anxiety, the tip here is to plan carefully with your partner and take into account future plans. With good hindsight, you can properly plan a pleasant and happy pregnancy, knowing that when the time comes to cover expenses, the policy will automatically cover without a delay.

Insured events covered for the mother and child

By securing maternity insurance you are also covering for any unexpected complications and congenital illnesses. Examples of insured events for both mother and child are listed below.

For mothers:

  • Abruptio placentae: This is a serious complication of pregnancy where the placenta partly or completely separates from the inner wall of the uterus before delivery. This can decrease or block the baby’s supply of oxygen and nutrients, and cause heavy bleeding in the mother.
  • Amniotic fluid embolism: This is a serious condition that occurs when amniotic fluid – the fluid that surrounds a baby in the uterus during pregnancy – or fetal material, such as fetal cells, enters the mother’s bloodstream. This could cause excess fluid in the lungs or a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus. Sometimes it occurs in other areas of the female reproductive system such as the ovary, abdominal cavity, or the lower part of the uterus (cervix). If the pregnancy cannot proceed normally then the fertilized egg cannot survive and the growing mass of tissue may cause life-threatening bleeding if left untreated.

For the child:

  • Cerebral palsy: This is a group of disorders that affect movement, muscle tone,  and/or posture. It is commonly caused by damage that occurs to the immature brain as it develops, most often before birth.
  • Spina bifida: This is a condition that affects the spine and is usually apparent at birth. It is a type of neural tube defect that can happen anywhere along the spine.
  • Congenital deafness: This is the loss of hearing at birth, or loss that may develop later in the baby’s development. It is due to genetic causes or other influences that affect the fetus while it is in the womb.

Should I buy maternity insurance?

If you are not covered or you know that your existing health policy provides inadequate maternity benefits coverage, then you should consider buying a maternity plan. Maternity insurance will entitle you to some of the world’s best hospitals that offer exceptional healthcare treatment and service.

According to our maternity insurance report, the appropriate cost of giving birth in one of Singapore’s top hospitals ranges between USD $4,400 to $8,300. This price range is an average and does not include prenatal and postnatal expenses, and also excludes newborn treatment and pregnancy complication costs. The overall figure can be much higher when including other services, hence securing a maternity insurance plan can give better assurance that any medical costs that arise after the waiting period will be settled on your behalf.

Where can I find the best maternity insurance plan in Singapore?

Pacific Prime Singapore is the go-to insurance broker with over 20 years of experience supporting young families with family health insurance plans, and maternity insurance plans for couples planning on giving birth in Singapore. For the best recommendations, Pacific Prime’s team of maternity experts can provide you with some valuable insights on the insurers’ service levels, claims procedures, and key differences between plans, that might not be so apparent when first reviewing and comparing maternity insurance plans.

For a more in-depth understanding, check out our coveted 2019-2020 maternity insurance guide which has tips, resources, and other comparisons such as local versus international maternity insurance plans.

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