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Meet the Advisors | Pacific Prime Singapore

Meet Pacific Prime Singapore's growing team of insurance advisors who are passionate in providing support for locals, expatriates, and businesses.

The Pacific Prime Singapore team

Pacific Prime's team of Singapore-based expert advisors strive to constantly offer the best service to our customers. Backed by over a decade of experience, they are able to develop innovative health insurance solutions that will meet the coverage needs of our clients. 

Olivier Zeller

 Olivier Zeller Pacific Prime Singapore

General Manager

Languages: French, German & English

Phone: 6713 5885

: +65 8388 5200

: Pacificprime_olivier

Olivier Zeller

Olivier joined Pacific Prime in 2009 and focuses on corporate insurance. Leveraging his ESSEC BBA and Bachelor in International Business (HES/University of Amsterdam), Olivier has worked his way up to be the head of Pacific Prime’s Singapore operations.

Born in Paris, he has spent most of his life overseas, with over 10 in Asia; many of them working for Pacific Prime in both China and Singapore. As a father of a two-year old son, Oliver is a dedicated family man who loves to spend his free time exploring all that Singapore has to offer young families.

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Gianni Airoldi


Global Relationship Management Coordinator

Languages: Italian, English

: +65 6713 5876

: gianni_airoldi


Gianni joined Pacific Prime Shanghai in 2013 as Sales Advisor and soon moved to the Relationship Management Department where he’s been able to put to good use his industry knowledge and lifelong passion for servicing clients. Today he is based in Singapore and overseeing Pacific Prime Relationship Management operations globally with 7 locations and over 30 staff.

Born in Milan, Italy, originally, Gianni has been living abroad for more than 10 years between Berlin, Manchester, Beijing, Shanghai and now Singapore. When not in the office you can find him exploring the city’s parks and neighborhoods with his girlfriend or relaxing at home with a good album and a craft beer. 

Mari Galvez

Mari Galvez Pacific Prime Singapore

Operations Manager

Languages: Tagalog, English

Phone: 6713 5882 

Mari joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2012 and has taken on a number of roles including advising clients on the renewal of their insurance policies and promoting client relationships through customer support and services. Today, she leads the administration and operations team as part of her many functions as Operations Manager.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mari has a Graduate Diploma in Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Philippine Normal University (Manila) and was a full-time college professor at a university in Manila before relocating to Singapore with her husband in 2008. A certified ‘foodie’, Mari spends her weekends cooking up and experimenting on new recipes or trying-out new places to eat. She is blessed with two daughters and a boy, all born in Singapore.

Alexandre Jutant

Alexandre Jutant Pacific Prime Singapore

Account Manager 

Languages: French, English

Phone: 6713 5887

Alexandre Jutant  


Alexandre joined Pacific Prime's China office in 2014 as an international medical insurance Consultant for expatriates around the world. Moving to Pacific Prime’s Singapore office in 2015, Alex has developed a strong experience in retaining relationships with existing clients. He is now focusing on corporate clients by ensuring them a continuous support over the year and providing relevant advice on their employees benefits upon renewal.

Born in France, Alex graduated from the French Institute of Political Studies with a Master’s Degree in International Affairs then worked several years at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and China. He moved to Singapore in 2015 with his wife. During his spare time Alex enjoys exploring the city and experience local culture.

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Michael Blankson

Michael Blankson Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Manager 

Languages: English, Ga (Ghanaian dialect)

Phone: 6713 5881

: +65 8500 1844

: michaelblankson.pacificprime

Michael Blankson


Michael’s whole career (to-date) has been spent in the client servicing field, with 4 years specifically working with clients in the finance and insurance market. Michael joined Pacific Prime in 2014 and helps expats in Singapore working in the finance and insurance industry find the best health insurance plan.

Born in Ghana, Michael graduated from the University of Winchester, UK with a B.A (Hons) in Creative Media Studies. Michael moved to Singapore in 2010 and considers Singapore his surrogate home. When Michael is not working, he spends his spare time travelling Asia to further enhance his love for wildlife, music, and sport.

Chat with him on WhatsApp today.


Joerg Puehringer

Joerg Puehringer Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: German, English

Phone: 6713 5873

: Joerg_pacific_prime

Joerg Puehringer

With a background in marketing and customer support, Joerg joined Pacific Prime as a Sales Executive in 2014 and provides expats in Singapore with reliable advice and support on all insurance products offered by Pacific Prime.

Born and educated in Austria, Joerg graduated from the University of Linz with a Master of Social and Economic Sciences. He moved to Singapore in 2012 and spends his free time exploring Singapore and South East Asia with his partner, or watching winter sports and football.

Call or connect with him today.


Aya Alimkulova

Aya Alimkulova Pacific Prime Singapore

Corporate Account Manager

Languages: Russian, Kazakh, English

Phone: 6713 5878 

Aya Alimkulova 

Skype Icon: Aya Alimkulova

Aya joined Pacific Prime in 2016  as a Sales Executive, where she puts all her energy into helping individuals secure the most suitable insurance cover, with a smile.  

Born in Kazakhstan, Aya moved to the UK at the age of 17 to get international exposure for her advanced education studies, eventually obtaining both her Bachelor and Masters degree in Economics from the University of Warwick. Thereafter, she worked as a management consultant on projects ranging widely across different industries, before moving east to Singapore.

She loves exploring other cultures, and spends her free time reading, hitting the gym, dancing Zumba, and making new friends. 

Call or connect with her today. 

Cedric Deschamps

Cedric Deschamps Pacific Prime Singapore

Relationship Manager

Languages: French & English

Phone: +65 6713 9956


With 9+ years experience in Financial Services in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Cedric joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2016. As a relationship manager, he is dedicated to helping expats in town find the best plan that meets their needs as well as retaining relationships with existing clients.

Born in Paris, Cedric graduated university with a degree in International Trade in France. He has been living in Asia for 7 years and based in Singapore since 2011. Cedric enjoys traveling overseas, discovering new cultures and exploring the city. When not at work he can be found practicing Martial Arts, especially Thai Boxing, which he has practiced since his childhood.

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Alexandre Charme

Alexandre Charme Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English

Phone: +65 6713 5871

Alexandre joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2016 as an Advisor. In this position, he works with expats and locals alike to help them identify and secure the best insurance. His vast worldwide experience allows him to provide unique insight into global insurance options. 

Born in Venezuela, Alex received a degree in Business Communications and a Masters in Hotel Management. In his spare time he loves to sail, spend time in the great outdoors, play tennis, and is addicted to travel and culture.

Call him today. 

Maria Jose Lopez

Maria Jose Lopez Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: Spanish & English

Phone: +65 6713 9951


Maria Jose Lopez 


Maria Jose has been a part of the Pacific Prime Singapore family since 2017. She has a wealth of International Sales, Account Management, and Client Relationship experience in the insurance sector. Her experience allows her to guide a dynamic and multinational sales team to find the best insurance solutions, and address the needs of clients.

Born in Mexico, Maria Jose graduated with a BA in Textile Design and a Masters in Product Management and Marketing from EADA Barcelona. After university, she worked in Barcelona for 6 years before moving to Singapore. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her 2-year-old son, exploring new cultural experiences, and participating in fitness activities around the island.

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Rachael Jackson

 Rachael Jackson Pacific Prime Singapore

Client Relationship Manager 


Phone+65 6713 9952


Rachael joined Pacific Prime in January 2017 as an Account Manager, servicing corporate clients. Rachael connects with client HR teams - as well as directly with employees - and is responsible for the day-to-day running of medical insurance policies, renewals and market reviews.

Born in England, Rachael graduated from the University of Greenwich with a B.A (Hons) in Tourism Management, and spent nine years working in the employee benefits industry in London.

Rachael moved to Singapore in 2013, and keeps fit by chasing after her active two-year old daughter. She also enjoys barbecues, swimming and hanging out with friends and family. 

Emelia Lim

 Emelia Lim Pacific Prime Singapore

Client Relationship Executive

Languages: English, Mandarin

Phone: 6346 3781


Emelia joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2017 as a Sales Executive, where she has specialized in providing impartial and reliable advice on health insurance.

Born in Singapore, Emelia moved to Bristol at the age of 16 to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of West England. Thereafter, in 2014 she returned to Singapore to start her career in the insurance industry. Emelia has worked for one of the five largest insurance brokers globally, and is now focusing on advising Pacific Prime clients for medical and general insurance.

In her free time, Emelia enjoys travelling, reading, and exploring new activities. 

Chi Kin Ho

Chi Kin Ho Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: English


Chi Kin joined Pacific Prime in 2017 as a Sales Executive. He specializes in Medical Insurance for Pacific Prime’s customers.

He is Singaporean and completed his Honours Degree in Business Management in National University of Ireland. He was enlisted in the Singapore Army for 2 years as an Air Force Technician and started his career as a Corporate Banker in 2012, dealing mainly with entrepreneurs. He has worked in the financial industry for companies like AXA, OCBC, and Aviva. Through this experience he gained a deep understanding of Life and Health insurance, especially in the Singapore market.

In his free time, Chi Kin likes to hang out with his friends and play team sports like basketball as a form of exercise. He has competed in inter-district basketball competitions for 3 years.

Do contact him for a consultation session. 

Viktoriya Kuznetsova

Viktorya Kuznetsova Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: Russian, English

Phone: 6713 5879

: Viktoriya Kuznetsova


Viktoriya joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2018, after relocating from Melbourne with her husband.

Viktoriya is originally from Moscow, where she obtained her law degree and began working in the insurance & banking industry prior to moving to Australia in 2007. After settling in Melbourne, Viktoriya entered into the insurance broking sector, which she has worked in for the 8 years prior to relocating to Singapore.

A secret to Viktoriya’s success has always been her attention to detail and her ability to fully recognize her clients’ insurance requirements. This strong work ethic enabled Viktoriya to build up a strong and healthy customer portfolio in Melbourne, which is something she is looking to replicate here in Singapore within the expat community.

When not in the office, you can find Viktoriya spending time with her family, enjoying fine food & wine, travelling, and taking on life to the fullest in a healthy and upbeat way.

John Lau

John lau Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: English

Phone: 6713 5884

John Lau

John joined Pacific Prime after graduating from law school at the University of Manchester. His main aim has been to ensure our clients receive the best insurance solutions, while providing them with an enhanced perspective on insurance with his legal experience.

John is a locally born and bred Singaporean, but has lived in 3 different countries and travelled to 40 countries and 80 cities for work and leisure. He served as a Signals unit commander during National Service in Singapore, participating in numerous exercises and drills in various countries with the Singapore Armed Forces. Having lived overseas and worked with people from around the world, John fully empathizes with our clients’ insurance needs.

During his spare time,  John can be found exploring various food options, from hawker centres to fine-dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. He is also an avid European football fan.

Call or connect with John today!

Marta Kasperczak

Marta Kasperczak Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: Polish, French, English

Phone: 6713 5886

: Marta Kasperczak


With a background in marketing and customer relationship management, Marta joined the Pacific Prime team in 2018 to help clients find the right health insurance solutions, for them and their families.

Born in Poland, Marta has studied in Poland and France, graduating from the University of Economics in Katowice with Master of Economics. Being an expatriate herself, she moved to Singapore after residing 6 years in Vienna.

Together with her family, Marta loves to travel and explore other cultures. After busy day she enjoys an evening run or a badminton match, which is her true passion.

Contact her today!

Tammy-Elisia Miller

Tammy-Elisia Miller Pacific Prime Singapore

Client Relationship Manager

Languages: English

Phone: +65 6713 9955 

Tammy-Elisia joined Pacific Prime in 2015. With a background in customer service, she started as a Sales Coordinator and worked her way up to becoming a team leader in charge of administering existing insurance policies with clients and partners. She has now moved on to become a Client Relationship Manager handling general insurance (home, travel, personal accident) and medical insurance renewals.

Tammy-Elisia was born and raised in Singapore, where she spent most of her time exploring the island growing up. She attended international schools and graduated with a diploma from Pennsylvania, USA. In her free time, she enjoys many hobbies such as art, swimming, reviewing movies, and spending time with her friends and family.

Andrew Penn

Andrew Penn Pacific Prime Singapore

Client Relationship Manager

Languages: English

Phone: +65 6346 3781 (ext. 831)

: +65 6713 9831

Andrew was born in the UK, but spent most of his childhood growing up in Germany. In 2005 he started working in the Bupa International UK International office assisting overseas clients around the world with enquiries, claims, and pre-authorisation. During his time with Bupa International, his role changed in many ways, but he was always focused on customer needs.

In 2010 Andrew relocated to Singapore and continued working as a Bupa Account Manager at Raffles Medical Group. His knowledge expanded from working with not only individual clients, but also groups, agents, and brokers. In time, he decided to develop his customer service experience, and moved to the broker side of the insurance business. Since 2013 he has worked with a variety of different international and local insurance companies. His experience continues to grow, allowing him to provide the customer service that is not only expected, but required by our members.

He enjoys the vibrant lifestyle that Singapore provides, and in his free time he likes to travel and discover new places.

Get in touch with him today!

Nick Law

Nick Law Pacific Prime Singapore

Corporate Accounts Department - Senior Manager

Languages: English

: Nick Law


Originally from the UK, Nick graduated from The Sheffield Hallam with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies. Nick relocated to Shanghai in 2012, and joined Pacific Prime in 2014 as a Sales Consultant in the Shanghai office. During his time in the Shanghai office, he worked across many areas of the business, for example as the Head of Training and the Head of Corporate Accounts, managing a team of Account Managers as well as taking care of a number of our key accounts, including many international schools in the region. In January 2019, he relocated to Singapore to further support our key accounts in the APAC region.

Nick leverages his experience and knowledge within the insurance industry in Asia to provide excellent customer service to key clients and corporate accounts.

When not working, Nick is a lover of football and fitness so can often be found challenging himself with something new!

Gautam Mahey

Gautam Mahey Pacific Prime Singapore

P&C Accounts & Business Development Manager

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Phone: 9890 5300


Gautam has over 4 years experience in the insurance industry, and has worked with various companies within the sector before joining Pacific Prime. His specialization in Property, Casualty & Financial Lines is something he enjoys immensely as a passion more than just a profession. His experience in working with clients from various industries has given him the seamless ability to better understand clients’ needs and advise them to ensure they have the best risk management in place for their businesses.

Born and raised in Singapore, Gautam also lived in Australia, where he graduated with a Distinction grade Bachelors Degree in Social Science with a Major in Politics & Policy from the University of Newcastle. During his free time, Gautam loves to read, spend time with his family, and travel to different places to meditate.

Alex Peralta

Alex Peralta Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: English, Spanish 

Phone: +65 6713 9836 

: Alex Peralta_PacificPrime


With 11 years of personal insurance experience in the US, Alex Joined Pacific Prime as a Sales Executive. He brings a wealth of knowledge in insurance and building great relationships with his customers. His number one goal is to provide his clients not only with the best healthcare possible but also with great customer experience.

Alex was born in El Salvador, but moved to Houston (Texas) when he was 3 years old. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston where he was recruited by a top insurance company and made a career for the next 11 years.  In 2018 Alex moved to Singapore with his wife and 5-year old daughter. 

In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, and exploring all the wonderful areas that this part of the world has to offer.  He loves to watch American Football and tries to keep up with the Houston Astros baseball team.

Give him a call or chat with him on WhatsApp today. He would love to hear from you.

Maya Kojima Cooper

Maya Kojima Cooper Pacific Prime Singapore

Sales Executive

Languages: English, Japanese

Phone: +65 6713 9835 

: Maya_PacificPrime


Maya works for Pacific Prime as a Sales Executive. She is utilizing her wealth of experience in client relations and account management to ensure her clients secure the most suitable health insurance, depending on their needs.

Born and raised in Japan, Maya attended an International School and experienced the advantages of a highly multinational upbringing. After graduating from the University of Southampton, U.K. with a B.A (Hons) in Geography, she spent the next 15 years living and working across Tokyo, London, and Singapore. She enjoys traveling to exotic places, hiking, salsa dancing, outrigger paddling at sea and practicing yoga.

Give her a call or chat with her on WhatsApp today. She would love to hear from you.

Irina Whiters

 Irina Whiters

Sales Executive

Languages: Romanian, English, Spanish, and Catalan

Phone: +65 6713 9839 (Direct) 



Irina has a wealth of high-level experience in International Assistance and Travel Insurance. She understands the importance of having in-depth knowledge of insurance policy wordings and how that applies to real-life scenarios, giving you complete peace of mind. Attention to detail is her strong point.

Born in Romania, Irina spent her teenage years in Spain and then went to the UK to complete her English Degree. Irina fell in love with rainy Wales and lived there for 13 years but recently decided it was time for a new adventure and relocated to Singapore with her beloved French bulldog. Irina enjoys discovering exotic beaches and sunsets, exploring Asia and its amazing culture and is always up for trying new things in addition to her hobbies such as Yoga and Crossfit.

Celestino Riera Prendes

Celestino Riera

Client Relationship Manager

Languages: German, French, English, and Spanish

Phone: +65 6713 9837

Celestino joined Pacific Prime after relocating with his family to Singapore. His main focus is to help individuals and their families to find the best health insurance cover available on the market.

Born in Spain, Celestino has worked thirteen years in the service and manufacturing industries, mainly in France, Germany and UK before enrolling and obtaining a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Asian Studies from the Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn, Germany. Celestino is able to converse fluently in Spanish, German, French and English thanks to his family background and years of living overseas.

In total, Celestino has been living overseas for more than 24 years,feeling at home in every country he has been living in and understanding what expatriation really means. He is a compulsive traveler and loves to spend his free time with a good read, cooking or discovering the amazing things Singapore and the region have to offer.”

Anna Krzymowska

Anna Krzymowska

Sales Executive

Languages: Swedish, Polish, English

Phone+65 6322 2440

Skype ID: Anna_Pacific Prime SG

Anna is a healthcare and insurance professional with more than ten years of experience in the sector. Over the past seven years, Anna has focused predominantly on developing regulations and guidelines for medical doctors achieving specialist competence in Sweden. She also has extensive experience with medical law within the healthcare sector. Anna is a fully licensed insurance agent who lived and worked in Stockholm before moving to Singapore.

Anna enjoys life in Singapore and her current goal is to run a half marathon and find the best beach in SE Asia.


Naida Meliska

Naida Meliska

Sales Executive

Languages: Indonesian (Bahasa), English

Phone+65 9662 3051

 Skype ID:



Naida is a licensed insurance broker with many years of experience in the healthcare sector. She is implementing her knowledge to ensure her clients secure the best insurance solutions that address their needs. She is passionate about her job and strives to find the best solution for her clients.

Born and raised in Indonesia, she graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung) with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. She worked in the healthcare industry for 6 years in Jakarta before moving to Singapore in 2018 with her husband.  When she is not working, she spends her spare time traveling, running, and she likes to try new things.


Alan Tan

Alan Tan

Sales Executive

Languages: English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia

Phone+65 6322 2441

 Skype ID: Alan Tan_PacificPrime


Alan has over 4 years of insurance sales experience working in a global insurance firm. Now, he specializes in International Health Insurance and is always ready to provide clear and unbiased advice to help clients secure the most comprehensive coverage.

Born in Singapore, he graduated from a local polytechnic and has served 12 years in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as an intelligence combat signaler. He took on many supporting roles during his stint in SAF that covers from operation to training officer. He is now a father of two and spends most of his time dedicated to his family. He is an avid foodie who also loves cooking and traveling.


Kavitha Prusotamen

Kavitha Prusotamen - Sales Executive

Sales Executive

LanguagesEnglish and Tamil

Phone+65 8755 8716

 Skype ID: Kav–Pacific Prime


Kavitha joined Pacific Prime in 2019 and is exceptionally familiar with the health insurance landscape in Singapore. She has more than 5 years of medical insurance-related focus in both back-office and client-facing roles, as well as over 10 years of client relation experience.

In her current role as a Sales Executive, Kavitha provides timely and relevant advice to clients in the search for suitable health insurance plans, including international health insurance, family health insurance, maternity plans, and more. 

Born in Singapore, Kavitha is a globetrotter who has lived in 4 different countries within Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. 

She is a happy mother to four beautiful daughters and loves exploring the outdoors together with her family. Her hobbies include photography, traveling, and hiking.

Contact her today!



Nadege Madeleine

Nadege Madeleine - Sales Executive

Sales Executive

LanguagesFrench and English

Phone: +65 9757 3831

 Skype ID: Nadege Madeleine_Pacific Prime


Born in France, Nadege graduated with a Master’s degree in Private Law from the University of Nantes. She joined Pacific Prime in 2019 as a Claims Officer and brought with her over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, 

Since joining, Nadege has supported clients during their policy year and has managed claims, disputes, and escalations with insurance companies. Today, she uses her claims knowledge to helps expats from all walks of life understand and make an informed decision when comparing the best health insurance plans that meet their needs and budget.

When not at work, you can find her discovering new fitness classes or relaxing with a yoga session. She also loves traveling overseas, discovering new cultures, and exploring the city with her husband.

Contact her today!



Wendy Limery

Wendy Limery - Sales Executive

Sales Executive

LanguagesFrench and English

Phone+65 9724 2304

 Skype ID: Wendy _Pacific Prime


Born and raised in France, Wendy graduated from the University of Paris-Est with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Trade and Management. She fell deeply in love with Singapore during her internship and decided to move over 8 years ago, where she eventually joined Pacific Prime Singapore in 2019. 

Wendy’s current position as a Sales Executive means she provides impartial and reliable advice on health insurance plans for her clients.

In her free time, Wendy enjoys outdoor activities, exploring local eateries with her husband, and reading.

Contact her today!



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