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Complete Guide to Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore: Private vs. School Driving Lessons Costs in 2023 and Tips

Congratulations! You have decided to take control of the car and drive all by yourself in Singapore. With a few driving lessons and tests, you will be able to get yourself a driver’s license and cruise along the streets of the Lion City.

The process of getting a driving license in Singapore involves a lot of steps, but hey! These precautions keep the roads safe, right? In this Pacific Prime Singapore article, we will go over the step-by-step process of getting a driver’s license in Singapore.

Step 1: The Driving Theory Test

Theory always comes before practical exams. To get started, you will need to register and study for the Basic Theory Test (BTT). The theory test examines your road rules and sign knowledge even before you start your driving lessons. 

Fortunately, there are a few good resources, such as the Basic Theory Test book and the Highway Code, that can get you up to speed with all the road rules. Keep in mind that this is a lot of information to remember, so take your time studying and memorizing all the different road signs and rules.

Once you feel confident about passing the test, go ahead and register for the BTT. The test costs SGD $6.50. Note that there will be a registration fee, which varies from one center to another.

There are three driving test centers across Singapore where you can take the test:

When you have settled on a driving school, you can schedule your lesson by picking a time and date from those presented on their website. Remember that availability changes rapidly, so scheduling ahead of time is essential. 

On the appointed day, you must present your valid government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) and payment receipts at the driving center. Upon passing the BTT, you’ll receive a provisional result.

Step 2: The Provisional Driving License

Now that you are aware of all the rules and have a PDL – you are officially allowed to take control of the wheels under a driving instructor’s supervision. Generally speaking, you have two options for taking your driving classes in Singapore—a driving school or a private driving instructor.

How do you choose between a driving school or a private instructor in Singapore? Let’s compare both of them to see which one fits better with your requirements.

Driving School Private Instructor 
SGD $2078 – SGD $2647* SGD $1327 – SGD $2082*
20-25 lessons 1-20 lessons + 5 lessons on the circuit
Fixed syllabus & minimum class requirement before the test Flexible syllabus, schedules, and training period

*The average costs of driving school and private instructor include various costs such as practical driving lessons, practical test car rental, registration fee, enrollment fee, etc. 

Here is a rough breakdown of the typical costs associated with getting your license, so you can plan accordingly.

Item School (Average)  Private (Average)
  • Cost of Enrollment
  • $154.97
  • $80
  • Vision Checkup
  • $1.84
  • $1.84
  • Digital Photograph
  • $6.48
  • $6.48
  • Training in Theory
  • 4  X $17.28
  • $7 for books
  • Theory Evaluation
  • $5.40
  • Theory Tests (BTT and FTT)
  • $13
  • $13
  • Simulator Lessons
  • 3 X $24.74
  • Provisional Driving Licence
  • $25
  • $25
  • Practical Lessons
  • 25 x $78.84
  • 25 x $55
  • Circuit Lessons
  • Included
  • 3 x $58
  • Car Rental And Practical Test Fee
  • $276.12
  • $350
  • License Fee
  • $50
  • $50
TOTAL $2,647.15  $2,082.32


Driving schools in Singapore will cost you more compared to a private instructor. However, driving schools are established institutions, whereas a good private instructor is hard to find. So, weigh your pros and cons thoroughly before taking your pick.

Step 4: The Final Theory Test

Yes, you read that right. You will have yet another theory test to take. You will be tested to see if you are fit to drive in Singapore and progress to the next steps in the process.

The registration process and cost for the Final Theory Test (FTT) are the same as for the BTT. So, prepare yourself for one last theory test before you progress to the practical driving test.

Note that you have two years to complete your practical driving test from the date on which your PDL was approved.

Step 5: The Simulator Lesson

We are getting to the end—just one more step before the final practical driving test. You are required to complete three mandatory modules of the simulator course.

Once you have taken at least five practical driving lessons, you can enroll in simulator lessons at any one of the driving schools. Typically, you’ll have to go through three simulator modules.

Step 6: The Practical Driving Test

Finally, we arrive at the most important step in getting a driver’s license in Singapore – the Practical Driving Test (PDT). Your private instructor or driving school will inform you when you are ready to take the test. The test will cost you SGD $33.

Your PDT will happen in two parts, and a traffic police appointed examiner will administer your driving test. The first part of the driving test is conducted on a circuit, and the second part of the test will be on public roads. 

Moreover, the examinations are strict; a big mistake on the road may lead to a negative result immediately, whereas minor mistakes will be counted as penalty points.

So, practice as much as you can before you take the practical driving test. If you don’t clear the driving test the first time, you have the option to take two additional compulsory driving lessons and re-take the PDT at a later date.

Also, remember to secure insurance for yourself and your car, so you will be prepared for any unfortunate accidents on the road. If you have any questions about individual medical insurance or car insurance, contact a Pacific Prime Singapore expert today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a driver’s license in Singapore? 

The process of getting a driver’s license in Singapore takes around three to six months, from start to finish. The exact duration depends on how long you’ll have to wait for a Basic Theory Test (BTT). 

How many driving lessons do I need before I can take a driving test?

In Singapore, the average number of lessons required to take a driving test is 20–25. This ensures that drivers are familiar with the handling of vehicles and are well informed of the rules and regulations, making Singaporean roads safe to drive on. 

Is a driver’s license issued in Singapore valid for life?

In Singapore, a driver’s license issued to a foreigner is valid for five years from the date of issuance and must be renewed with the Traffic Police Department within one month of the expiration date as printed on the license card.

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