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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

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Why go with Pacific Prime?

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of insurance professionals all aim to provide you with the best possible value in motor insurance, while also giving you the very best customer service possible. Since Pacific Prime is a brokerage, we can meet this goal, as we are not beholden solely to the interests of the insurance companies. Our future depends on making sure that we’ve gone above and beyond for our members.

  • Get car insurance plans tailored specifically to your needs
  • Whether you want comprehensive auto insurance, or just 3rd party liability, we’ve got you covered
  • Roadside assistance plans available
  • Additional types of insurance available too
  • Simple, efficient claims
  • Speaking 15 different languages, we are uniquely equipped to assist foreign nationals

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In Singapore, it is mandatory that all drivers be covered by at least 3
rd party liability insurance. This is to make sure that anyone who is caused damage accidentally will be able to have their losses and medical bills taken care of. If you want your own car to be insured as well, comprehensive motor insurance coverage will be needed.


3rd Party

3rd party liability insurance on your vehicle will ensure that any damage caused to others by your vehicle, whether accidental or not, will be covered by the insurer. While there are many headaches this type of coverage can help with, it does not cover damage to your own vehicle. 

3rd Party with Fire and Theft  

For those who want to save money by not getting comprehensive coverage, but also want more protection than what 3rd party liability insurance affords, there is an option in Singapore for 3rd party liability coverage plus fire and theft coverage. Not only will you have the legally mandated third party coverage, you will also receive benefits in the event that your vehicle is stolen or somehow catches fire.


Going beyond third party liability coverage, comprehensive motor insurance will cover damage to your vehicle and your person, even if you are the driver at fault. As well, it includes benefits for other incidents, such as fire or theft. To be clear, comprehensive motor insurance also includes third party liability protection. 

Discounts Abound

After you become insured on a Pacific Prime plan, there are multiple discounts that you may be eligible for over time. These include the No Claims Discount and a discount for obtaining a certificate of merit

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