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Pacific Prime Singapore announces privacy policy update

By now, you have no doubt encountered myriad messages in your email inbox about companies updating their privacy policy. If you’ve been adventurous enough to read the text of these messages, you have found out that the reason your inbox is stuffed full with these messages is the European Union’s new data privacy law: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here, we fill you on the details of our new privacy policy and discuss how it might affect you. Read on to find out more.

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About the EU’s new data privacy law

As of May 25th, 2018, the European Union’s new GDPR law has come into effect. This is a wide reaching law that not only applies to people inside EU nations, but also any EU citizen living anywhere worldwide. It also applies to any business worldwide that does business with any EU citizen(s). In an age of globalization, where users can access any business through the internet, this means that just about every business online will need to ensure that their handling of user data falls in line with the GDPR, lest they lose their ability to sell to EU citizens and risk incurring heavy fines or other penalties.

Broadly, the GDPR provides EU citizens full access to their personal data that is kept by businesses online, as well as the ability to amend it or have it deleted.

To be clear, the law does apply to Singapore companies, and the fact that the city-state is such a hub of international business makes complying with the GDPR virtually unavoidable.

Why update now?

Pacific Prime Singapore sells a variety of different insurance solutions, but one of our specialties is International Private Medical Insurance. As such, a major demographic among our membership are expatriates living in Singapore. It should come as no surprise, then, that we do business with a great number of European nationals. What’s more, our website, and online tools and resources will continue to be valuable avenues for them to choose and obtain local and international insurance products.

In order to continue to effectively serve our existing and future clients, it has become necessary to update our site’s privacy policy. You can find the updated policy by clicking on this link.

What does Pacific Prime Singapore’s new privacy policy update cover?

The new privacy policy is compliant with the GDPR, and with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act. The sections covered by the policy include:

  • How we utilize cookies
  • Our stance on data collection, protection, and processing
  • How you can view, edit or delete your data
  • What data we collect
  • When we share your data
  • Who collects the data
  • How we use the data collected
  • How data is collected
  • Why we collect data
  • Consent and data

For specifics on each of these, please see our updated privacy policy.

Is Pacific Prime Singapore compliant with the GDPR?

Not only is Pacific Prime Singapore compliant with the GDPR, we have been well before the GDPR was made available to the public. Pacific Prime Singapore has always been open to user requests to view, alter, or delete private data, and we have always handled user data in a responsible and ethical manner.

Pacific Prime Singapore has never, and will never, sell user data to third parties. User data is only ever shared with insurance companies or other relevant third parties at the behest of our members, and then only for contractually necessary reasons pertaining to the application for, and purchase of, insurance products. Outside of this, Pacific Prime Singapore only uses personal data for marketing purposes, which are easy to opt out of.

No user data is ever collected by Pacific Prime that is not necessary to have for the purposes of applying for and purchasing insurance products.

Does this law apply to people who are not EU citizens?

The GDPR itself does only apply to citizens of the European Union around the world. Nevertheless, Pacific Prime Singapore is extending the tenants of the regulation to the entirety of our user base, while also complying with all local data protection regulations in the territories in which we operate.

Even if you are not a resident of the EU, you will still have full access to your personal data, as well as the ability to have it amended or deleted. Please keep in mind, however, that such requests can result in delays if you are currently applying for insurance, or even the outright rejection of your application.

Do I need to provide Pacific Prime Singapore with any information?

As we have been compliant with the GDPR for years already, there is no additional information that we will require from our members or users. Existing clients should expect to not be contacted by us with requests for personal information unless requested  by an insurance provider as the direct result of an insurance product purchase or renewal.

If you have any questions on this, or any other aspect of our privacy policy update, please contact us today. The Pacific Prime Singapore team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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