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How to network effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic

When was the last time you networked? Chances are, this was before the COVID-19 pandemic consumed the world. Whether you used to have water cooler chats at the office or go out for after-work drinks with colleagues, networking was probably something that felt natural and enjoyable – not something you had to go out of the way for. But alas, this “new normal” calls for a change in approach. In this Pacific Prime Singapore article, we’ll go over some professional networking tips for you to consider.

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5 tips for networking during the pandemic

Networking during the COVID-19 pandemic will more or less have the same components to networking in the pre/post-pandemic world. The only difference is that doing so during the pandemic will rely almost entirely on social media platforms and video conferencing tools instead of face-to-face contact. Without further ado, here are 5 top networking tips to help you get started.

1. Figure out where you are headed in your career

As the purpose of networking is to further one’s career, it makes sense to start with a clear evaluation of where you are in your career, where you are headed, and most importantly, whether where you’re headed is where you want to be. This is because your career path or trajectory doesn’t need to be linear, and you can always break into a different role, go for further study, or even unleash your inner entrepreneur.

2. Establish and align your networking goals to your career goals

Have a clear picture of where you see yourself career-wise in the short and long term? This will help you establish and align your networking goals with your career goals. It’s important to do so to avoid aimlessly reaching out to people with no goal in mind, which is a waste of your and your desired contact’s precious time. To give you some ideas, here are examples of networking goals:

  • Strengthening relationships with your colleagues (as this may open up doors for you in the future, especially if they rise up the corporate ladder)
  • Finding certain opportunities like board positions or speaking engagements to boost your profile.
  • Actively looking for a new job, either in the same role or industry or an entirely different one.
  • And more!

Remember: Based on your networking goals, you’ll need to carefully think about who you know who could help you get there or put you in touch with someone who can.

3. Stay in touch with your contacts (and keep an eye out for opportunities)

Networking doesn’t always mean going to an event with name tags and strangers. It can even be something as simple as reaching out to an old contact. Think ex-colleagues, long-lost friends, and extended family members. You never know when opportunities arise. What’s more, you can even look into your alma mater’s career center and see whether there are any resources available or any alumni in your chosen field who would be happy to mentor you.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile regularly and be active on the platform

Don’t make the mistake of creating a LinkedIn profile and leaving it at that. You should update your LinkedIn profile with new skills, experiences, and share professional milestones. In addition to this, you can also share interesting articles and posts, and engage with people on the professional social media platform. Not only is this an easy way to keep in touch and strike up conversations, but you’ll also appear on other peoples’ feeds and be in their minds.

Bonus networking tip: LinkedIn is also a great place to find out about webinars or virtual events that are taking place and are being attended by people in your chosen industry. The silver lining of the rise in virtual events is that you can attend events hosted by companies and/or professionals around the world, and aren’t limited by the area you’re in or travel considerations.

5. Reach out to people and schedule video calls

While staying active on LinkedIn is a great idea, it can’t replace face-to-face conversations. As you may not be comfortable meeting up in person yet, you can always organize video calls. If you’ve engaged with a contact on LinkedIn (or indeed any other social media platform) and you have anything specific to discuss or seek advice on, feel free to send a message to them asking to organize a short call.

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Given that almost 100% of networking during the COVID-19 pandemic will be virtual, all this plugged-in time can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. As such, it’s vital that you prioritize your health and wellbeing above all, and set healthy boundaries when it comes to networking. It may also be worth buying a private health insurance plan (especially considering the high cost of care in Singapore) so that all your healthcare needs are taken care of and you don’t have to worry about sky-high medical bills.

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