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Corporate Superheroes: How to recognize and motivate your star employees

From the highly qualified and experienced manager to the new graduate that possesses superior people skills and a zealous work ethic, star employees are what the majority of organizations are chasing after. But often, those individuals are already there in front of your eyes – you’ve just got to recognize and motivate them to reach their full potential. As “not all superheroes wear capes”, this Pacific Prime Singapore article tells you the types of corporate superheroes to look out for.

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The 10 types of corporate superheroes

Without further ado, let’s crack on with the 10 types of corporate superheroes, as outlined and popularized by Weekdone, a collaboration software company. We’ve taken inspiration from their list, but have added insight on how to motivate these corporate superheroes.

1.Positivity Captains

Positivity Captains are the types of office workers that always have a smile on their face – no matter what time of the day it is, or how much they’ve got on their plate. You can always count on these guys to greet you with a bright and cheery good morning, or provide relentless optimism when things are down. They’re a great asset to have in any team because their positivity is contagious.

Motivation Tips: Thoughtful gestures like a handwritten ‘thank you’ card or personalized gift hamper might be something Positivity Captains would love.

2. Marathoners

Got an employee who chooses to do some work in the evenings or during the weekends (even if they’re not obliged to)? You might characterize Marathoners as workaholics, but these guys are simply dedicated to getting the job done and don’t like having things pending. As they’re not necessarily working to impress, their efforts may easily go unnoticed and they may feel underappreciated.

Motivation Tips: If Marathoners are working evenings and/or weekends, perhaps they deserve time off during working hours? Flexible working arrangements would go down really well.

3. Mind Readers

Is your organization or work culture plagued with toxicity? Luckily, Mind Readers are a great help in defusing conflicts and bringing about harmony amongst coworkers. Their ability to see things from multiple perspectives enables them to understand each parties’ unique situation. To top it off, they’re great at empathizing with others, helping them see the bigger picture, and easing the tension.

Motivation Tips: Give Mind Readers a taste of leadership by sending them to leadership training, even if they’re not in a management position. Recognize their potential.

4. Shape Shifters

Shape Shifters are more than willing to perform multiple roles in an organization. And not only that, they are multi-talented and good at what they do. For smaller organizations, these guys are a lifesaver. But even if you’ve got a larger team, with each employee having a specific role, these types of office workers are extremely handy to have when you’ve got staff who are a bit overworked or on their annual leave.

Motivation Tips: Recognize that Shape Shifters are multi-talented and guide them on how to develop their careers. If they’d like to do any courses, support them with it.

5. Game Elevators

Living and breathing competition, Game Elevators thrive in high-pressure and high-performance based roles. Whether it’s nailing the client presentation or exceeding sales targets, they have a tendency to treat their tasks as mini-challenges, setting ambitious goals for themselves, and getting a high from meeting those goals. As they genuinely enjoy their work, they’re a pleasure to have around.

Motivation Tips: Provide rewards to Game Elevators when achievements are met to incentivize them and increase engagement.

6. Prom Kings and Prom Queens

If your office had a Prom Night, who would your employees vote for Prom King and Prom Queen? Hint: These guys are super friendly and charming. They know all their coworkers by name, make an effort to get to know them, and are always the first to support company-wide events like dinners, parties, and overnight trips. If you’re looking to build a solid company culture, then Prom Kings and Prom Queens are the type of workplace superheroes you’re after.

Motivation Tips: As Prom Kings and Prom Queens are social by nature, they’ll look forward to company events.

7. Sharp Shooters

Whatever their preferred method (lists, timetables, schedules, etc), Sharp Shooters understand the power of staying organized, and may even get a kick from it! They strive to bring about efficient work systems, saving time in doing work and invariably boosting productivity for the organization. With these guys on the team, rest assured that you’ll never miss a deadline or overlook a minor, but important, detail as part of the task.

Motivation Tips: If you’ve got efficient tech-based systems to administer employee benefits and perks, Sharp Shooters will probably appreciate them the most.

8. Hulkivators

At face value, Hulkivators don’t seem like the type of workplace superhero you want to have around in the office. They may come across as impatient and unable to go with the flow. But on the flip side, these guys have a fiery passion for whatever they do, and their ability to generate momentum is quite powerful. With the right guidance and oversight from managers, the sky is their limit!

Motivation Tips: Wellness programs like mindfulness sessions during lunch breaks can help Hulkivators stay calm when they’re too worked up and stressed.

9. Fortune Tellers

In an oversaturated and competitive market, innovation is the only way to stay relevant and survive. With this in mind, Fortune Tellers are an incredibly valuable asset to have in any organization. They’re somewhat visionary – not only being able to forecast trends and recognize future problems, but also come up with brilliant solutions. If you’ve got one of them on your team, be sure not to let them go!

Motivation Tips: Employee Stock Ownership Program or financial incentives will make Fortune Tellers truly feel part of the company as they are being rewarded for their visionary ideas.

10. Data Superstars

Data Superstars are almost superhuman in their ability to uncover patterns no one else can. You won’t get half-baked theories from them. Instead, they’ll offer you valuable insights. Their analytical skills rival no other and, in a data-driven world, is becoming increasingly in-demand. Together with their Fortune Teller colleague, these guys have the power to transform organizations.

Motivation Tips: Promote employees internally and give data superstars a fair chance. More responsibility will keep Data Superstars challenged and satisfied at your organization.

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