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Navigating the insurance market in Singapore can be difficult, especially for those who are not as well versed in the world of insurance. Staying up-to-date on the key trends and challenges facing the industry is, therefore, imperative.
Our State of Health Insurance in Singapore Report highlights the top trends, changes, and issues facing the International Private Medical Insurance industry in the Lion City and worldwide - as told by our insurance consultants and 3 prominent insurance providers: Aetna, Bupa Global, and Cigna. Click here to view our analysis on the state of health insurance in 2020.
Here's a brief look at the top challenges and issues facing Singapore-based individuals and businesses in 2019:
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Pacific Prime Singapore - Pre-existing conditions

Issues facing individuals #1: Pre-existing conditions

The world is aging. Advanced age means a higher likelihood of developing chronic conditions, which makes insuring seniors more difficult.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Maternity focus

Issues facing individuals #2: Maternity focus

While maternity insurance in Singapore continues to be popular, its popularity with the insurance companies themselves appears to be floundering.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Top-up plans

Issues facing individuals #3: Top-up plans

Top-up plans that supplement gaps in employer-provided health insurance continue to be popular among expats.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Claims support

Issues facing individuals #4: Claims support

When a policyholder needs support submitting a claim, they don't have much support if they buy their policy directly through the insurer. With a partner like Pacific Prime Singapore, however, policyholders can rest assured they have a whole claims team to rely on.

Issues facing businesses #1: Mental health

Mental health awareness is improving in Singapore, and an increasing number of businesses are introducing mental health benefits into their employee benefits offering.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Foreign insurers move in

Issues facing businesses #2: Coverage for employees' parents

More and more employees are counting their parents among the dependents of their household. In light of this, we are seeing more employers extend their group health insurance offering to include dependent parent cover.

Pacific Prime China - Wellness focuss

Issues facing businesses #3: Cost containment

The Lion City is one of the most expensive countries for care in Asia. Employers are increasingly looking to contain costs via methods like deductibles, co-pays, or even cutting out certain benefits completely.

Pacific Prime China - Cost control

Issues facing businesses #4: Servicing

People demand a lot from the businesses we serve. Fortunately, Pacific Prime Singapore is an industry leader when it comes to claims support, renewals negotiations, and benefit communications.

Pacific Prime China - Medical facility partnerships
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