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Travel and Short Term Health Insurance

Cover your short trips in Singapore and abroad with travel and short term health insurance plans. Discover the best plans for travelers here.


Travel and Short Term Health Insurance <br><p><h4>Cover your short trips in Singapore and abroad with travel and short term health insurance plans. Discover the best plans for travelers here. </4></p>

Travel and Short Term Health Insurance Plans

To guarantee you're getting the best protection when traveling inside and outside of Singapore, it's vitally important to secure the right travel insurance plan. While trips can be planned well and precautions made ahead of time, travel insurance can prove invaluable should you require emergency medical care or encounter a costly travel-related mishap like flight cancellations, lost baggage, or theft.

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 Customizable travel insurance benefits

While every travel policy on the market is different, plans offered by Pacific Prime Singapore can be tailored and adjusted to include the following:

Worldwide coverage   Worldwide coverage                                                                          Cover for adventure, water, and winter sports   Cover for water and winter sports 

Flight cancellation and delays  Flight cancellation and delays                                                         Inpatient and outpatient cover  Inpatient and outpatient cover  

Possible coverage for pre-existing conditions  Possible coverage for pre-existing conditions                             Lost baggage and valuables  Lost baggage and valuables


                                                             Medical evacuation and repatriation  Medical evacuation and repatriation

The list of travel insurance benefits goes on, so be sure to get in contact with one of our travel insurance experts at Pacific Prime Singapore for more information on benefits.

Why should I consider medical evacuation and repatriation on my plan?

Generally, you would think that medical evacuation is catered to those who travel to destinations that are remote or are associated with higher health or accident risks. While this is true, it is also best to prepare for all eventualities and secure the right coverage for your trip, regardless of whether you are traveling to a remote island or a developed city like Singapore.

This is because getting medical evacuation and repatriation on your plan will give you the assurance that there are medical professionals ready to treat and transport you to the nearest healthcare facility, which could make a significant difference to your recovery and finances.

Flexible benefits and levels of coverage

Take advantage of the great flexibility offered by travel insurance plans. Whether you require coverage per trip or are looking for an annual policy, we have what you need. Prepare for all eventualities by requesting the desired levels of coverage for you or your family traveling with you.

Short term health insurance plans

Travel insurance plans are also commonly referred to as short term health insurance plans. Short term health insurance policies cover you for anywhere between 1 and 12 months, often with the option of turning your policy into a full annual insurance plan after your 12 months are up. However, when it comes to health-related benefits, they offer higher levels of coverage. Standard travel insurance policies tend to cover limited health benefits.

Customizable short term health insurance benefits

Short term health insurance plans generally have high levels of coverage for:

HospitalizationHospitalization                OutpatientOutpatient treatments                Prescribed medicinePrescribed medicines

In the event that you require intensive treatment abroad, a short term health insurance plan can include highly coveted features like direct billing (where the hospital bills the insurer directly), 24-hour support, and much more.

Emergency medicine and other coverage benefits

Travel insurance plans typically only provide benefits for emergency medical care. If you wish to have access to outpatient, dental, or maternity coverage while abroad, find out more from our insurance plan page.

Getting the best travel insurance plan in Singapore

Travel insurance benefits, limits, and exclusions can vary significantly from plan to plan. 

Taking the time to learn these differences, as well as what type of plan best fits your needs, will help give you maximum peace of mind when traveling overseas. 

Our experienced team of consultants is able to distinguish the best travel insurance plans and make comparisons to satisfy your needs and requirements. 

Looking for a travel or short term health insurance plan for your trip?

If you are planning on traveling for less than three months, travel insurance may be the best option for you. But if you would like more comprehensive health coverage, then short term health insurance is your best bet.

Our expert team at Pacific Prime Singapore is on hand to offer valuable advice and arrange the right annual or single trip travel insurance coverage for your trip. 

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