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Maternity Insurance

What does maternity plan cover? When to buy it? Find out more about maternity insurance or download our latest guide of maternity in Singapore now! Pacific Prime Singapore can provide the most suitable solutions that address all of your needs.

Maternity Insurance

How to obtain maternity cover?

Before we dig deeper into this topic, it’s important to note that there's no such thing as a standalone maternity insurance policy. To secure maternity cover, you will need to add it onto a health insurance plan, which will include other benefits such as hospitalization (inpatient care) and outpatient consultations. 



What does our maternity plan cover?

Co-operating with all major insurers in Singapore, Pacific Prime offers maternity insurance with significant benefits and plans that cover:

  • Doctor consultations
  • Pre and post-natal treatments & examinations
  • Medically prescribed Caesarian section
  • Normal delivery
  • Complications of maternity and childbirth
  • Hospital, birthing centre, or home delivery costs
  • Care of newborn children
  • Congenital birth defects

Maternity policies can also cover medical treatment required for newborns if something unexpected happens.

Maternity insurance and waiting period : When to get maternity insurance?

We advise that you include maternity benefits in your insurance policy at an early stage. This is because, in most cases, maternity benefits are attached with a waiting period ranging from anywhere between 10 to 24 months. Hence, you will have to wait until this specific period of time elapses before you can claim your expenses. Luckily, our maternity plans have the shortest waiting periods on the market, so you won’t need to plan years in advance in order to be covered.

How much does it cost to have a baby in Singapore? (Last Updated February 2022)

Prior to selecting your maternity coverage, you should know your budget by familiarizing yourself with the cost of giving birth in the Lion City. Our latest maternity guide for Singapore lists out the typical maternity package costs in private hospitals for a standard private room (1-bed). It is essential to keep in mind that these are delivery costs as billed by the hospitals, and do not include the anesthetist and doctors' fees, which would add to the overall cost.

Standard delivery
Hospital Lower cost* (SGD) Higher cost^ (SGD)
Gleneagles 9,286 11,960
Mount Alvernia 7,082 9,384
Mount Elizabeth 8,584 10,691
Mt. Elizabeth Novena 8,586 10,659
Parkway East 6,503 8,310
Raffles Hospital 7,146 9,203
Thomson Medical Centre 7,019 8,952


C-Section delivery
Hospital Lower cost* (SGD) Higher cost^ (SGD)
Gleneagles 14,656 18,096
Mount Alvernia 10,742 13,319
Mount Elizabeth 13,605 17,629
Mt. Elizabeth Novena 13,794 16,906
Parkway East 11,302 13,556
Raffles Hospital 11,711 17,373
Thomson Medical Centre 11,087 13,678


* 1 in 4 or patients paid less than this amount.
^ 1 in 4 patients paid more than this amount.
Source: Ministry Of Health Website - 30 June 2019, Accessed 21 February 2022


What about pre- and post-natal expenses?

Each pregnancy, doctor, and mom-to-be is different, so it is difficult to provide an accurate figure for prenatal expenses and everything required prior to giving birth. Pacific Prime’s employees and clients would usually indicate overall costs ranging from SGD$6,000 to about SGD$10,000 as a good estimate for a standard prenatal term without specific complications. Below is a summary table of the costs on a per-visit basis.

Prenatal costs
Procedure Average cost (SGD)
Pre pregnancy screening 250-800
Prenatal checkup and tests - First trimester 100-200
Prenatal checkup and tests - Second trimester onwards 100-200
Prenatal Supplements 100-400
OSCAR Scan 300-400
Panorama Screening 1,000-1,500
Blood tests 100-180


While prenatal expenses are typically limited if labor and delivery went well, costs can potentially skyrocket should complications with the newborn (e.g. premature birth, congenital disorders) arise. It is therefore important for expectant parents to consider securing health insurance, or ensure that their existing policy provides newborn coverage benefits.

Here at Pacific Prime, our maternity insurance plans cover complications for up to 30 days after delivery; we also have a vast range of newborn insurance options that can cover your baby continuously after delivery. If you are looking to protect your health, we also have individual insurance coverage available for mothers, too.



What are the maternity insurance coverage details you should take note of in a plan?

NewbornUnderwriting of the newborn

This refers to the restrictions an insurer may impose on the baby’s coverage. Please note that there will be a premium that needs to be paid when the baby is added. Also, most insurers cap this cover at 90 days and SGD$150,000.

VaccinationsCoverage for vaccinations

We advise including this in the plan, as vaccination costs in Singapore are particularly high.

Waiting periodsWaiting periods

This is the period of time you must wait before you can claim for maternity care.


Also known as an excess, a deductible is the amount you should pay out of your own pocket before you can claim on your policy. A higher deductible can lower premiums, and vice versa.

Direct BilingDirect billing & hassle-free claims process

These features will make your overall insurance experience easier.

HospitalChoice of hospital

Your plan's network of providers will have a large influence on how much freedom you have to choose your preferred medical facility and doctor.

Complication coverComplication cover

These should be included in the plan as medical costs related to complications can be sky high.

International in natureInternational in nature

International plans will cover you should you relocate, or want to return to your home country to give birth.



What are the top THREE maternity plans Pacific Prime offers?

 1. NOW Health International – WorldCare Apex plan

This plan covers complications up to the annual limit of SGD$6 million and does not underwrite the newborn, meaning that the insurer will allow you to add your baby to the plan from day one. Additionally, the sub-limit for Routine Delivery is SGD$22,000, and if you have an emergency C-section, the plan will cover this up to the annual limit.

2. HENNER – Prestige plan

If you are above 35, or planning to use IVF or any kind of fertility treatment, this is the plan to have. Again, there is no requirement for newborn underwriting.


3. BUPA – GOLD plan

This plan is very popular because they offer the shortest waiting period (10 months).  The plan offers newborn coverage for 90 days; on the 91st day, restrictions will apply.

Pacific Prime Singapore’s Maternity Insurance Guide 2022-2023

Leveraging our 20+ years of experience, our team of experts at Pacific Prime Singapore has curated this annual guide to shed light on the current state of maternity and maternity insurance in the Lion City.


Singapore Maternity Insurance Guide 2020-2021 By downloading this guide you will learn:
  • What are Singapore's most popular maternity hospitals?
  • What’s the cost of giving birth in Singapore?
    • Ministry of Health expenses
    • MOH costs associated with premature birth and complications
    • NICU Costs
    • Pre & post-natal expenses
  • Is IVF/Assisted Conception covered?
  • What maternity insurance benefits do I need?
  • What insurance terms and items do I need to know?
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and international maternity plan coverage
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