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Short Term Plans

The last thing you want to be thinking about when preparing for your trip is what to do if you get injured or sick.

That’s where we come in. Short term health insurance plans give you temporary coverage making them the perfect plans for jetsetters, adventurers, and expats.

We have developed strong relationships with the world’s top insurers to make sure that we can offer you the best, and most customisable health insurance for visitors.

Many insurers will give you the option of turning your custom short term plan into a long term medical plan.

Short Term Insurance vs Travel Insurance


Short Term


Benefit Options

Fully customisable coverage, with as little or as much covered as you want.

Limited coverage : excluding pre-existing conditions and limited inpatient / outpatient coverage

Area of Coverage

Choose where to be treated. You can stay in the country you’re in, try a neighbouring country, or can be relocated home for more long term treatment.

Limited area of coverage. Insurers will attempt to return you home for treatments so that you will be covered on your home health insurance plan and not on your travel insurance.


Payment options include the ability to pay through direct billing, meaning your insurer will cover the costs up front.

Direct billing is unavailable on most travel insurance plans, meaning you must pay for treatment yourself up front

When to Purchase

Short term health insurance plans can be bought at any time and from any country, and will become effective immediately. They also offer the option of being extended beyond 12 months.

Travel insurance plans must be purchased before the start of your journey.


The customisability of short term plans mean that premiums can range in price depending on the extent of the benefits and area of coverage

Travel insurance plans are typically cheaper than short term health insurance plans, but this is because they offer fewer options regarding benefits and where you can be treated.

Travel under three months

If your plans for travel will be less than three monthsTravel Insurance may be a better option for you than Short Term Insurance. 

Pacific Prime specializes in matching clients with the most suitable plans for their needs. Contact us today to discover the wide range of insurance plans we have available.

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