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Senior Citizen Health Insurance


Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior Citizen Plans

Seniors in Singapore can get great medical insurance coverage through Pacific Prime.

What to Consider When Selecting Senior Healthcare Insurance

  • The age limit on the plan you are considering.

  • How your insurer will treat your pre-existing conditions (whether they will be covered, and to what extent).

  • How chronic conditions will be covered. (Chronic conditions differ from pre-existing conditions as they are considered ‘lifestyle illnesses’ - a result of diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors).

  • How you can claim on your policy, and the process for renewing your policy.

  • The annual premium inflation rate, make sure you can afford to stay covered!

  • Where you can receive treatment.

  • Can you change aspects of your policy? If so, how and when?

  • Your insurer’s reputation regarding the treatment of seniors. It may be a smaller insurer that has the best policy for taking care of your individual needs.

The Coverage You Need

It is increasingly important as you get older to have sufficient medical insurance to cover any pre-existing or chronic conditions.

If you are looking for health insurance for an elderly parent in Singapore, or are yourself approaching senior citizen status, we have plans for all your needs.

The Advice You Want

Our in-house experts can advise on the extent of coverage for 60+ year olds, the plan renewal process, and the way chronic and pre-existing conditions are handled.

Insurance for Life

Pacific Prime offers both local and international medical coverage for applicants of all ages, without any age limit to obtain a plan.

For Everyone in Singapore

Health insurance plans through Pacific Prime can be obtained regardless of your visa status in Singapore.

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