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Newborn Health Insurance: Ensuring Coverage For Your Baby

If you’re looking for insurance for babies, Pacific Prime Singapore has all the info you need to get them covered.

Newborn Health Insurance: Ensuring Coverage For Your Baby

Health Insurance For Babies

Newborn health insurance

Bringing your baby into the world is a magical time, and delivery is just the beginning of your new life as a parent. Keeping your child healthy and safe is now one of your biggest responsibilities and it’s important to ensure that they’re adequately covered health-wise. Insurance for babies is a common solution that helps parents feel safer about their newborn’s health when they arrive. 

How is insurance for babies different from those for adults?

Insurance for you and insurance for babies have a number of important differences. As a baby, newborn health insurance is specifically designed to ensure your child’s early years are healthy by offering a wide array of infant-specific benefits. Our complete plans cover your child should any medical issues arise during their important first few years. 

What does newborn health insurance cover?

Insurance for babies often includes a range of general benefits, as well as coverage for some child-related concerns. These include:

  • Inpatient
  • Private room accommodation for hospital admissions
  • Outpatient (including GP consultations, specialist appointments, drugs)
  • GP consultations
  • Prescribed medication
  • Direct billing

Additional benefits can be included, such as vaccinations, dental, and vision, with certain plans. For mobile families, worldwide coverage options are available for babies too.

When does cover start?

When insurers begin coverage will vary, but we have a wide range of products that offer immediate to delayed policy start dates. For example, April (Liberty) in Singapore will offer newborn health insurance from day one, meaning your child can be covered as soon as they are born. Other major insurers, such as AXA IE and BUPA Lifeline, will begin coverage anywhere from 15 to 90 days, or right up to 5 years (on a case by case basis).

Delayed coverage can be useful if you have maternity insurance that already offers insurance for babies after delivery.

Getting insurance for babiesies using Pacific Prime Singapore

The expert team at Pacific Prime Singapore have years of experience helping new mothers and families get their health affairs in order so they can spend more time doing what they truly want; enjoy being in each other’s company. For a free quote, or advice on how best to secure your newborn health insurance, maternity insurance or family health insurance, contact the team at Pacific Prime Singapore today!

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