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Whether it is your engagement ring, favorite necklace, prized watch, or branded handbag, the value of these items are far more symbolic than financial. Each of them may signify a special moment in your life, represent the bond you have with a loved one, or embody a significant investment you have made.

Getting the right protection for these valuable possessions is perhaps just as important as these items themselves, as it allows you to safeguard against losses or damages to your treasured belongings.

Pacific Prime Singapore
Pacific Prime Singapore

Pacific Prime, with its bespoke solutions and vast experience, is able to provide unparalleled insurance coverages that help protect against a wide array of losses you may incur on your valuable possessions.

Features of our jewellery insurance:

Pacific Prime Singapore - All-inclusive coverage

Coverage for a wide range of items, such as diamonds, silver, gemstones, watches, handbags and more.

Pacific Prime Singapore - ‘All Risks’ coverage
'All Risks'

'All Risks' coverage protects you against losses such as theft, loss, damage, disappearance, fire, and natural disasters.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Worldwide coverage

Your items are covered across the globe.

Pacific Prime Singapore - No excess or deductible
No excess
or deductible

No out-of-pocket payment required, we'll handle it.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Sets and pairs coverage
Sets and pairs

Full coverage for pairs and sets, even if only 1 piece is lost.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Coverage for new items
Coverage for
new items

Automatic coverage for newly acquired valuable items up to 25% of sum insured.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Competitive premiums

Choose from plans with premiums as low as $57.50.

Pacific Prime Singapore - High replacement value

Replacement value covered up to 125% of jewellery value.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Free annual appraisals

Annual appraisals for your insured items at no extra cost.

Why choose Pacific Prime?

Pacific Prime Singapore - We offer you the best value for your money
We offer you the best value for your money

With Pacific Prime, you will be able to find the most cost-effective jewellery insurance that best suits your budget and protection needs. Our sophisticated coverage, along with a broad scope of policy wordings, help to put the assurance in your insurance.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Impartial advice from industry experts
Impartial advice from industry experts

Our in-house trained staff are industry experts who will be able to offer you free advice at no cost. As insurance brokers, we are committed to giving our clients professional and impartial advice to help them find the best international jewellery insurance in Singapore.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Leverage on our one-of-a-kind global presence
Leverage on our one-of-a-kind global presence

Pacific Prime is an expert in offering cross-border insurance solutions all over the world. With offices in 10 locations across Asia, Europe, and North America, we are well-positioned to offer insurance solutions to clients coming from across the globe.

Pacific Prime Singapore - Total insurance solutions provider
Total insurance solutions provider

Here at Pacific Prime, apart from jewellery insurance, we provide solutions for medical, motor, home insurance, as well as commercial and corporate solutions. We can advise & service all aspects of your insurance requirements.