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Individual Health Insurance in Singapore

We offers top health insurance solutions for any individual living here or abroad in Singapore. Get free quotes and compare plans now!

Individual Health Insurance in Singapore

Individual Medical Insurance Plan

As the world's leading advisors on international personal health insurance, Pacific Prime are in the best possible position to offer advice on individual medical cover.

Fully Compliant in Singapore

As the world's leading advisors on international personal health insurance, Pacific Prime are in the best possible position to offer advice on health cover. Singapore has a high standard for its insurance providers, and Pacific Prime is fully registered and compliant with national insurance standards. Contact us if you have any questions on Singapore health insurance.

Everything You Need

Individual Health Insurance policies are not just for inpatient and outpatient coverages. Policies can be tailored to fit a range of different coverage needs, including dental, optical, pregnancy, out-patient, and evacuation plans, and the options don't end there.

Local Insurance from an International Insurance Broker

We supply locally sourced medical insurance plans for expats in Singapore, as well as plans that include international coverage for when you are abroad. With offices in Singapore, you can be sure that you will have people near you that will be available to answer your questions, assist you with claims and more.

Coverage for All

Pacific Prime can provide insurance to Singaporeans and expatriates alike. This means that you can obtain insurance coverage no matter what your visa status in Singapore may be.


Additionally, those attempting to obtain work permits can get a policy that provides them with the minimum requirements to do so.

Policy Owner Protection Scheme

Individuals obtaining insurance via a licensed broker, like Pacific Prime, in Singapore have the benefit of their insurer being subject to the oversight of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. However, where their oversight ends, the Policy Owner Protection Scheme steps in to add an extra layer of consumer protection. In the event that an insurer were to go out of business, and you were to need to submit a claim to them, the scheme would compensate the insured.


Direct Billing

With policies through Pacific Prime, you may be eligible to use direct billing, which means that there's no need to pay up front before you receive medical treatment. Just another feature that makes insurance with Pacific Prime a cinch!

Don't Forget to Top-Up

When your employer-provided insurance policy isn't up to snuff, Top-Up options on your current company plan are available and Pacific Prime is ready to show you how.

Knowledgeable Agents With a Helping Hand

Experts at Pacific Prime will explain the key benefits for individuals and how the components of a plan can be added or removed to suit your choices. We help you find the right individual health insurance by evaluating your lifestyle and helping you customize a health insurance plan specifically for your unique situation.

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