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Business Insurance

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Pacific Prime has a variety of insurance plans to cover you and your business. Get quotes and find information here.

Third Party Liability (Public Liability)

Virtually all businesses have some exposure to Third Party Liability. Policies covering third party liability ensure that you are insured should any persons not under your employment meet an accident that requires ensuring whilst on your business premises, or somehow through your business. The extent of the policy you will need to insure third party liability depends on the amount of risk pertaining to your business, and the extent you want to be covered in the event an accident should happen, but this type of insurance is essential to every company that takes risk management seriously. In some circumstances it is compulsory, but even if this is not the case then in an increasingly litigious society Third Party Liability insurance is very important.

Employee Benefits - Group Medical and PA

In order to attract and retain high quality staff in Singapore's competitive market place it is essential to offer good employee benefits. It is normal to offer a range of benefits to employees which typically include medical and personal accident coverage. Significant discounts can be obtained for larger groups (see our Group Insurance Page) and the benefits can help to attract and retain staff.

Workmens' Compensation

This is a mandatory type of insurance cover which protects the relationship between the employer and employee should the employee be injured or die because of, or during the course of work. In the event of injury or death to the employee, the employer has a legal responsibility  to them or their family which is covered under this type of insurance.


The protection of physical assets is essential since their damage, loss, theft or destruction can often be sufficient to bankrupt a business. The perils that are covered (fire, theft, weather, accident etc.) can be tailored to match the risks your company faces and the policy excess can be managed to the level of risk your company wants to accept.

Professional Indemnity and Product Liability

Most professional service firms and professionals are required to take out Professional Indemnity insurance while manufactures are often required to take out Product Liability insurance. These types of insurance are highly specialised and vital to manage complex risks.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Also called P&C insurance, property and casualty insurance financially protects business owners from damages or liability in the event of unforeseen incidents or disasters. Covering a wide range of accidents, threats, and losses regarding possessions and property, P&C insurance is a must for virtually every business owner. Find the right P&C solution for you and your business today with the help of Pacific Prime Singapore.

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