Pacific Prime Singapore's Scholarship Program Result – 2018

One of our founding beliefs at Pacific Prime Singapore is that education is an essential part in the shaping of tomorrow's leaders. Earlier this year, we opened our 2018 scholarship program to hundreds of hopeful students.

This year, we received a number of impressive essays on the topic, "The effects of an aging population on healthcare", each demonstrating in-depth industry knowledge and sophisticated critical thinking. For 2018, we have selected the following student to receive the scholarship:

Winner: Germanda Teo

University Attending: Singapore University of Social Sciences

About Germanda: "As a third year student studying Human Resource Management at SUSS, I am about to embark on my internship and I hope to be able to learn in depth about how HR functions and to be able to apply what I have leart at school. I believe that there is a lot more to learn about HR than meets the eye, and I would love to be abl eto use the skills that I have obtained for a good cause in the future."

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