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Aug 31, 2016

The Haze Returns: Risks and solutions

The haze is back! Slash and burn farming in Indonesia is sending that not-so-pleasant smog back to Singapore. It may have been a while since you thought about it, so here's a refresher on the risks that come with the haze, and information on how best to protect yourself from it. Read on to find out more.

Aug 29, 2016

Telemedicine in Singapore: The doctor will see you… anytime, anywhere

Have you heard about telemedicine? In Singapore, this type of medical service is becoming more popular all the time, and with good reason! With modern technology, medical professionals are able to consult, diagnose, refer and otherwise help patients more easily and conveniently than ever before. Find out about all the advantages of telemedicine in Singapore, as well as the standards for it set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Aug 04, 2016

Organ donation in Singapore

Organ donation is a serious issue in Singapore. Not only because a single person donating an organ can mean the different between life and death for someone else, but also because Singapore is having a hard time finding enough donors despite legislation being enacted to help the situation. Here, find out more about Singapore's organ donation situation, as well as how the costs associated with it can be addressed by both donor and recipient.

Jul 13, 2016

LASIK in Singapore

If you have noticed that your vision has been getting worse in recent years, you don't necessarily need to update the prescription on your glasses. You can throw them away altogether by getting LASIK surgery to greatly improve your vision! And you may not realize it, but people in Singapore may be more in need of this procedure than people in many other parts of the world. Find out more here.

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