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Medical Tourism in Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore as a medical tourist, you will be interested to know that an international health plan from Pacific Prime can help cover your medical expenses.

Medical Tourism in Singapore

5 key highlights of the medical tourism sector in Singapore

  1. Singapore is one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations. According to the Medical Tourism Association, Singapore ranks second after Canada in the Medical Tourism Index.
  2. The city-state receives approximately 500,000 medical tourists each year. As many as 250,000 medical tourists come from Indonesia alone!
  3. Singapore's private hospitals offer exceptional healthcare services with state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained medical specialists.
  4. International medical tourists visit Singapore each year for a whole range of medical care and treatments from health screenings to surgery.
  5. Medical tourists can cover healthcare costs by obtaining an international health insurance plan

Important note:
Several private hospitals in Singapore, particularly those that offer high standards of healthcare and participate in the medical tourism market, will treat foreign patients who are covered by a health insurance plan. For this reason, it is recommended to secure a suitable health policy before traveling to Singapore.

An overview of medical tourism in Singapore

Just like many of its neighbors, Singapore has thrived over the years as a destination for medical tourists to seek the medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable or very expensive back at home.

The country’s medical tourism sector is built on high-quality services and the involvement of up to 21 accredited hospitals that are Joint Commission International (JCL) accredited. Here are some that you may come across during your visit to Singapore:

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • National University Hospital
  • Raffles Hospital
  • National Cancer Centre
  • National Heart Centre Singapore
  • Singapore National Eye Centre
  • National Dental Centre
  • Singapore General Hospital
  • Changi General Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hospital
  • National Skin Centre
  • Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Excellent healthcare system

Medical tourists travel to Singapore for its excellent healthcare system and structure, with the knowledge that medical professionals here use some of the most advanced, high-end diagnostic equipment.

Even though the costs of seeking treatment can be higher than its neighbors (which is why securing international health insurance coverage is recommended), medical tourists view Singapore as a safe country to visit with clean and safe neighborhoods and a stable political situation.

Common treatments by medical tourists in Singapore

Medical tourists travel to Singapore for a wide array of services and operations, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Orthopedic surgery (e.g. hip and knee replacements, spinal fusion, hip resurfacing: SGD $12,000 - 16,000)
  • Cardiac surgeries (e.g. heart bypass, valve replacements: SGD $5,500 - $130,000)
  • Cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy/radiology/immunotherapy: SGD $1,500 - $234,000)

Take note: The above costs vary from hospital to hospital, and depends on the course of treatment for each individual. Due to the high cost of treatment in Singapore, it is encouraged to secure an international health insurance plan, so that any of the above treatments and those not mentioned are fully covered by your insurer.

What does an international health insurance plan cover?

Just like many of our plans at Pacific Prime Singapore, an international health insurance plan offers many options and can be customized to meet your needs and budget. Here are three of the most common benefits offered by international health insurance plans:

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Need help finding an international health insurance plan?

The simplest and easiest way to find an international health insurance policy is to approach a reliable insurance broker like Pacific Prime.

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