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Hospitalization Insurance

Learn about the benefits of hospitalization insurance in Singapore with Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers.

Hospitalization Insurance

Singapore Hospitalization Insurance

Private hospitals in Singapore are expensive, especially when it comes to admission fees. With a quality hospitalization insurance policy, you’ll be able to significantly reduce out-of-pocket payments each time you are admitted to the hospital. Get a free hospitalization insurance quote to start receiving coverage for inpatient treatments today!

What do hospitalization insurance plans cover?

Hospitalization insurance plans in Singapore, also known as inpatient insurance, cover for any treatment or procedure costs incurred while you are admitted to a hospital. With this type of health insurance plan, you’ll be covered for the following:

How do I start comparing hospitalization insurance plans?

Hospitalization plans come in many forms, each targeting people with different medical conditions, budgets, and expectations. To find the best plan that suits your medical needs, follow these four steps when comparing hospitalization insurance plans:

1. Measure up premiums with the benefits being offered

Some hospitalization plans may have extremely cheap premiums, but the benefits that are being offered may not be worth your money. Meanwhile, other plans may have premiums that are too high for your budget. When comparing different inpatient plans, you need to find one with the right balance between premiums and benefits. 

2. Choose plans that cover your pre-existing conditions

Many plans available in Singapore will not cover the treatment costs of chronic medical conditions you may suffer from. For this reason, if you have any pre-existing conditions, it’s important that you look for an inpatient plan that covers your illness.

3. Make note of the exclusions

Aside from pre-existing conditions, different policies will also have a list of illnesses and scenarios that will be excluded from coverage. Be sure to make note of the exclusions of each hospitalization plan you are comparing to find a plan that best addresses your needs. 

4. Check the insurer’s reputation before buying

Lastly, you’ll want to check if the insurer has a reputation for slow claims processing or poor customer service. Choosing the best plan under the right insurer will ensure that you won’t run into other problems with your plan provider down the line.

Where can I learn more about health insurance in Singapore?

Need help finding a hospitalization insurance plan?

Contact Pacific Prime for expert advice on finding the best hospitalization insurance plan in Singapore. With over two decades of experience delivering health insurance solutions to clients all over the world, Pacific Prime is well-equipped to help you locate the best plan that fits your budget and addresses your medical needs. 

Get your free price comparison quote today to start a safer journey in the Lion City!

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