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In this guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of top-up health insurance in the Lion City, covering the key features of top-up insurance, situations where you’ll need it, and how to purchase a top-up insurance plan. Download our guide to learn all about top-up health insurance in Singapore today!

What is top-up health insurance?

Top-up health insurance plans are designed to complement your main health insurance policy, providing further benefits that your current policy is lacking. For instance, you can purchase top-up health insurance to increase the limits for existing benefits or expand the scope of coverage of your current plan so that you are fully covered for your medical needs.

Why you need a top-up health insurance plan

Oftentimes, employer-provided health insurance package will not cover all your medical needs. That’s where top-up health insurance comes in. Here are four reasons why your current health insurance package may not be enough to cover your needs:
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Limited serious illness coverage on your current policy

Limited serious illness coverage on your current policy

Group health insurance plans will usually cover the bare minimum requirement. This means that, typically, your employer-provided plan will not provide sufficient medical coverage. With top-up health insurance plans, you can get additional coverage benefits that cater to your medical needs.

You plan on changing jobs

You plan on changing jobs

Employment changes can leave massive gaps in coverage due to the lack of portability in group health insurance plans. You’ll be able to stay covered while switching jobs with top-up health insurance.

You don’t have enough surgical benefits coverage

You don’t have enough surgical benefits coverage

Medical benefits provided by your company may only fully cover some surgical treatments and not others. Top-up health insurance can be purchased to cover surgical benefits that your company plan is lacking.

Your current plan doesn’t provide any additional benefits

If you are in need of additional benefits that are not provided by your current policy, you can purchase these benefits with a top-up health insurance plan. Additional benefits can include maternity benefits, dental benefits, mental health benefits, and more.

Your current plan doesn’t provide any additional benefits

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Rising healthcare costs and top-up health insurance in Singapore

Healthcare costs are rising rapidly in Singapore. Here’s a table to illustrate how expensive treatments can be:
The cost of treatments at private hospitals in Singapore
Description Total Bill (SGD)*
Heart Bypass $81,338
Ovarian Growth Removal $27,267
Respiratory Infection Treatment
(with severe complications)
Hospitalization due to Stroke and
Other Cerebrovascular Disorders
(with severe complications)
Expansion of Blocked Heart Vessels $60,852
Source: The Ministry of Health’s website [Accessed 11/5/2020]
* The prices mentioned above do not represent the final bill for every patient. For the most accurate and comprehensive estimate of your bill, please contact your healthcare provider

Purchasing top-up health insurance in Singapore

Top-up health insurance plans offer you the flexibility to pick and choose to pay for benefits that actually address your medical needs. By supplementing your existing policy with a top-up insurance plan, you can ensure that there are no gaps in your health insurance coverage.
When purchasing top-up health insurance plans, these are the five things you should consider:
  • Scope of coverage
  • Compare deductibles
  • Benefits offered on the plan
  • Pre-existing condition coverage
  • Exclusions and further restrictions
With Pacific Prime’s guide, you’ll be fully equipped to find the best top-up health insurance plan in Singapore.

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