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Employee Benefits

Pacific Prime offers tailored employee benefits plans that are designed to meet your business’ unique needs for coverage while aligning with the latest market trends from Singapore’s top employee benefits providers.

Employee Benefits

Singapore Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a form of non-wage compensation offered to an employee in addition to their salary. One of the most common employee benefits is private medical insurance, though companies these days have to offer more than that to attract and keep top talent. 

Employee benefits plans can help improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Benefits can include anything from vision care plans and company car allowance to flexible work hours and wellness programs.

What are the main features of Singapore employee benefits plans?

The main features of employee benefits plans in Singapore, and across the globe for that matter, are often as follows:

Group health insurance

Comprehensive group health insurance is the foundation of a successful employee benefits package. This type of insurance can cover an array of benefits, including:

  • Inpatient/outpatient care
  • Dental care
  • Maternity care
  • Vision care
  • Direct billing
  • Private hospital access
  • Different levels of geographic coverage 

Wellness programs and packages 

Wellness programs and packages are becoming an increasingly popular employee benefit. Aside from boosting your employees’ health, they can be an essential way to increase productivity. 

Wellness plans can feature a variety of benefits, such as: 

  • Health screenings
  • Counseling
  • Health seminars
  • Access to Employee Assistance Programs
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Company sports events

Disability and group life insurance 

Providing the right disability and group life insurance ensures that your employees will have a safety net regardless of what happens to them. Group life insurance plans feature a wide selection of options and add-ons to offer coverage for accidental death and dismemberment along with disabilities and critical illness. 

Disability insurance, which is an important part of any employee benefits package, provides protection in the event that he or she cannot go to work because of a serious injury or illness. The two main types of disability insurance include short- and long-term disability.

Finding the best employee benefits providers in Singapore

As a leading employee benefits broker, Pacific Prime Singapore works with the top employee benefits providers in the country, many of which are also the top insurance companies in the world. 

Along with working with the major employee benefits providers on the market, we also possess all the necessary expertise to help you create and implement an employee benefits package that fits your needs and budget. Our broker framework method involves three steps:

What are the best ways to design and implement employee benefits plans in Singapore?

Looking for employee benefits advice?

The growing diversity of today’s modern workforce makes the ability to choose from various employee benefits perks incredibly desirable. Speak to our employee benefits advisors at Pacific Prime Singapore today to receive professional advice on various benefits as well as design and secure the ideal plan for your business from the best employee benefits providers in Singapore.

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